Juicing 101 – How to Juice for Health [Get Maximum Benefits of Juicing]

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If you like following the news for the latest health trends, you would have heard about juicing by now. With so many fads that promise quick and easy solutions to boosting your health, it’s easy to understand why some people are weary about every health trend that comes their way. Is this health craze actually healthy? Is it worth investing your time and efforts in?

To understand what juicing is all about, it’s best to learn more about it. To help you do that, we’ve rounded up all the important information that you need to know about this health trend. Also check out our best juicer reviews including our review of top juicers for commercial juice extraction.

What is Juicing?

The very first thing that you need to know about juicing is what it actually is. Juicing is actually the act of extracting the liquid components of fresh fruits and vegetables. The process makes use of a juicing device which is available in different shapes, sizes, and mechanisms.

Juicing became popular because it promises to give you fresh juices that are minimally processed and are loaded with vitamins and nutrients. As juicers are specifically designed to properly extract juice from fresh produce without altering its freshness, making sure that the vitamins and minerals of the ingredients are retained and extracted with the juice.

This is exactly why juicing has won over millions of health buffs all over the world. The process makes it easier to consume fresh produce without losing much of its nutrients, making it a great way to get a good load of your daily nutritional needs. Unlike cooking and eating salads, juicing is deemed as a more effective way to extract all the good things inside fruits and veggies, making it a great way to eat healthier. It also doesn’t hurt that you can easily whip up a great-tasting glass of juice with the right juicer recipes, making juicing a nice alternative to other ways of eating better. Also read my guide on how to buy a juicer for heavy-duty juicing businesses


Why do Juicing? 10 Major Benefits of Juicing

With so many ways how to eat better and have a healthier lifestyle, why should you try out juicing? The simple reason is,

  1. It’s an easy way to get started on eating better.

Juicing doesn’t really require you to make a huge lifestyle change. You can easily start by just replacing your morning glass of OJ with fresh juice instead and you’re already well on your way to eating better.

  1. It can effectively satiate your sweet tooth.

With a wide array of fruits and veggies to choose from, it’s pretty easy to whip up a naturally sweet treat with juicing. This can easily satiate your cravings for something sweet, satisfying what your body is looking for in a healthy way.

  1. You can cut down your calorie intake without missing out on essential nutrients.

Juicing is a great way to cut down your calorie intake as it can easily fill you up. It’s also a great plus that it can help you meet your dietary needs without having to eat a lot as the juice can already provide much-needed vitamins and nutrients to keep you in top shape.

  1. It can help you detoxify your system.

Juicing is said to be a great way to release toxins inside the body. There are lots of recipes that will help you detoxify with a juice cleanse routine. They can range from mild to strict so you can easily choose how to go about your detoxing.

  1. It can significantly improve your digestive system.

A lot of experts believe that getting rid of toxins in your digestive track will help you restart your system and give it a boost. Since juicing will help you detoxify, it’s also a great way to give your system a nice push to perform better.

  1. You don’t have to suffer from eating unsavory vegetables that are also very healthy.

Not every kind of vegetable is tasty and appetizing. This is the very reason why a lot of people struggle with eating healthy. With juicing, though, you can concoct a delicious drink by combining choice fruits and vegetables. This makes bitter-tasting veggies a lot easier to consume, allowing you to eat better without having to struggle.

  1. You can be sure that you’re only consuming natural ingredients since you’ll be the one to make your drinks every time.

If the reason you started juicing is to jumpstart an all-natural diet, you can be sure that your drinks won’t have any artificial flavoring to it since you’ll actually be the one to make your juices.

  1. It will give you more energy.

Fresh juices are more energizing, thanks to its natural ingredients. This is why they’re great as morning drinks as they can kickstart your day in a healthy manner. Read this article on Juicing for Energy- 5 Energy Juice Recipes that Help Energize the Body

  1. It will help you balance your diet perfectly.

Even if you can’t eat better, adding a glass or two a day of fresh juice to your diet can already help you balance your meals. It might not be enough to put you in perfect shape, but this can easily be a solid step towards the right direction.

  1. It can even help you lose some weight.

Replacing sodas and other sugary drinks with a few glasses of all-natural juice can easily help you eat better and cut down your consumption of unhealthy foods. Combine this with a balanced diet and some exercise and you’ll surely lose some weight.


Fruit vs Vegetables: Which One to Use Most?

Juicing fruits and vegetables

The most frequently asked question when it comes to juicing is whether you should use more fruits or vegetables. Some people believe that exclusively juicing fruits solve their dietary needs, but this isn’t the case.

While fruits are loaded with vitamins and other nutrients, they also have high contents of sugar. You can argue that what they have are natural sweeteners, but since they can also elevate your sugar levels, having too much of them is bad. High glucose levels can make you gain weight and cause several health issues, so experts suggest that you use fewer fruits when juicing.

Vegetables should really be the core of your juices. Why? For one, they’re brimming with nutrients that you can’t get elsewhere. A lot of veggies have high contents of vitamins, antioxidants, lycopene and folic acid. This is in addition to iron, manganese, zinc, and phytonutrients among many others. Juicing with the right veggies will help you get a good dose of the nutrients your body needs, making them more important ingredients when juicing.

Also, by juicing lots of vegetables with some healthy fruits as sweeteners, consuming icky veggies can be done more easily. Not a lot of people are keen on having veggies for their every meal, so juicing is a great way to still consume such healthy food items without making it too hard on you.

How to Juice for Health


Most people decide to start juicing to improve their health. However, starting to add this food preparation process to your daily routine is not enough to get you in shape. If you want juicing to help you be healthier, taking the right steps is essential. To do that, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Find the right juicer.

The right juicer will be the handiest tool to help you get started in improving your health through juicing. With all of the options available in the market, choosing the best juicer can be a challenge. However, the vast array of options also ensures that you’ll find the right unit for your needs and requirements. We have extensively written about the best juicers in the different juicer categories. Read about the 5 best masticating juicers / slow juicers, etc.

  1. Make sure to only use healthy juice recipes.

A lot of people think that juicing is already healthy in itself because you’ll be using fruits and vegetables. However, it can also easily spike your sugar and do other things that can damage your health if done incorrectly.

Simply put, some juicing recipes are healthier than others. Not because some require additional ingredients, but because some fruits and vegetables might not suit what your body needs. If you’re juicing to improve your health while managing an illness, you need to be mindful of what different fruits and veggies contain.

For the diabetic, keeping a close eye on the sugar content of your ingredients is a must. If you have high uric acid levels, skip the spinach and go for other leafy greens instead. If you’re highly acidic, tone down the currants, blueberries, and cranberries.

  1. Always work with the freshest ingredients.

If you want to get the most out of your produce, make sure to go for really fresh ones. This way, you can get a better yield for your juice and you’ll be able to make a good tasting drink.

  1. Compliment your juicing with a healthy lifestyle.

Juicing can be a great way to have a healthier lifestyle. However, limiting yourself to just juicing is not enough to get you in tip-top shape. If you want to look, feel, and be at your best, you’ll need to pair juicing with a healthy lifestyle. Sleep better, eat better, and exercise regularly to really get yourself a strong and healthy body.

Hopefully, this guide helps you out in understanding juicing better. Further research will tell you more about this health trend. Just make sure to stick with reputable scientific sources. This way,so you can be sure to get the right information about this diet.

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Juicing 101 - How to Juice for Health [Get Maximum Benefits of Juicing]
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