5 Top Commercial Juicers 2019 – The Best for Heavy-Duty Juicing

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Are you starting a juicing business (juice bar) and need to start it the right way with one of the top commercial juicers available on the market today?Well, you are making a wise choice.

On this page, I review the 5 best commercial juicers suitable for both heavy-duty residential and commercial uses, as well as for juicing a wide range of fresh produce.

These top commercial juicers are designed for heavy-duty juicing of a wide range of fresh produce. They can include soft and hard fruits and vegetables, leafy greens and wheatgrass, and beans, legumes and nuts. These juicers are made from heavy-duty materials, such as thick plastic and stainless steel parts, as well as designed with a powerful motor, a sturdy body, and user-friendly features.

Due to their heavy-duty design, commercial juicers are usually used in juicing businesses. These can handle several kilos of fresh produce and produce galloons of fresh juice in a day. This isn’t the case with residential-use juicers that are likely to overheat after a few kilos of juicing.

Commercial juicers can also produce higher quantities of fresh juice in less time than residential-use juicers. This can be attributed to their larger feed chutes and pitchers, faster speed, and higher horsepower.

separator5 Top Commercial Juicers

Based on our intensive research into the pros and cons of several commercial juicers, here are five of the best we found.

#1: Waring Commercial JE2000 Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Juice Extractor with Pulp Ejection

The stainless steel parts in the JE2000 adds to the overall durability of this juicer. This is one of the more common commercial juicers in small and medium-sized juicing businesses, as well as in the homes of juicing enthusiasts.


  • Fast 16,000rpm durable and powerful motor. The juicer can generate juice from a kilo of ingredients in 5 minutes of less, thanks to its motor’s ultra-fast speed. This is a great feature in a juicing business where speed is essential to customer satisfaction.
  • High-quality body and parts. The juicer is made of sturdy die-cast aluminum housing while the juicing parts are made of stainless steel. This combo results in guaranteed durability for a few years, for as long as proper care and maintenance measures are in place. According to many users, this juicer can withstand moderate to heavy use in a small-sized juicing business.
  • Automatic pulp separation system. The juicer produces high juice yield partly from its automatic separation of the pulp including the seeds from the juice. The effective pulp ejection system means continuous use of the juicer – no need to stop just to remove the pulp buildup.
  • Safe and easy use. The juicer will not run unless all its parts are in place, thanks to its safe-operation interlock system. The non-motor parts are also dishwasher-safe although a few require hand-wash on a regular basis.


It only comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Who Is It Suitable For and Why?

This is a great choice for high-volume juicing bars and health centers, as well as for dining establishments with fresh fruit juices on the menu. Its high-performance features will meet the requirements of these businesses.

  • Verdict

The JE2000 can occupy the place of honor in a commercial juicing business, thanks to its compact size, durable body, and practical features. Click this button to securely buy it on Amazon

#2: Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer, White

This is a cold-press juicer popular in juicing stands, health and nutrition centers, and restaurants. The masticating style of juice extraction results in greater juice yield with higher nutrient concentration.


  • Low-speed juicer. This isn’t a bad thing especially when customers are willing to wait for their fresh fruit and vegetable juices. The low-speed juicing process provides several benefits, namely, higher juice yield and nutrient concentration. The cold-press method doesn’t introduce heat into the juice extraction process, thus, heat-sensitive nutrients (Vitamins A and C) remain intact.
  • The juice can also be stored for as long as 72 hours in the refrigerator, thanks to the low oxidation levels in the cold-press method. Many restaurants make fresh fruit and vegetable juices for mixing into dishes and desserts at a later time.
  • Power motor. The juicing process may be slower in comparison with centrifugal juicers. But its powerful gear reduction system make up in power what it lacks in speed.
  • Versatile uses. The juicer can be used for fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and wheatgrass. Such versatility is a great feature since customers like to mix and match the ingredients in their juices. The unit can also be used in making nut butters, baby food, and nut milk, even grind coffee beans and spices.

Who Is It Suitable For and Why?

The Omega J8004 is a great choice for juicing bars and restaurants. This can also be used for heavy-duty residential applications, such as in the home of a juicing enthusiast.

  • Verdict

If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced commercial juicer that can withstand moderate to heavy use, then the Omega J8004 can be your top choice. You can enjoy high returns on your investment on it, too.

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#3: Champion Commercial Juicer

This is considered as one of the best commercial juicers because it can handle kilos of fresh produce in order to produce gallons of juice, all within a single day. The motor will not overheat and break down in the middle of a busy day.

Pros which make them top commercial juicers
  • Heavy-duty motor. Many owners of commercial juicing bars like the Champion Commercial Juicer because its powerful motor makes for easier and faster juicing. The juicer can continuously process fruits and vegetables without overheating, thanks to the automatic pulp ejection and high starting torque.
  • The bottom line: You can extract maximum quantity of juice from fresh produce while maintaining their quality (i.e., delicious taste and smooth texture). Your customers will love your juices and keep coming back for more.
  • Versatile uses. The juicer is also a champion in its capacity for processing a wide range of fresh produce, such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Aside from juicing, you can also use it for making nut butters, vegetable loaves, fruit sauces, frozen sorbets, baby foods, and sherbets.
  • Large feed tube. Many of the fruits and vegetables don’t have to be chopped in order to feet into the feed chute.
  • Other benefits include high-quality juicing parts; good warranty on the juicer (10 years), juicing parts (5 years), and motor (3 years); and complete accessories including cutter, blank, screen and screen holder, bowl, sieve, funnel, and tamper.


The larger footprint can be an issue in a juicing stand or brand with limited space.

Who Will Benefit from It and Why?

The Champion Commercial Juicer is suitable for people who are planning to open or already have their own juicing businesses. This can also be used by people who just want a commercial juicer in their homes, especially as it’s more durable and sustainable than a residential-only juicers.

  • Verdict

This is a good investment in a commercial juicer despite its few limitation. You will also love its smooth and silent operation, ease of cleaning and maintenance, and attractive design. Click this button to buy it on Amazon.

#4: Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor

This has a unique design with its feed chute centered over its shredding disc. In contrast, most commercial juicers have designs that introduce ingredients via the side of the shredding disc.

Pros which qualify them as #4 top commercial juicers.
  • Two speeds. You can change the speed depending on the type of ingredients for processing – low speed for soft ingredients, high speed for hard food.
  • Extra-wide chute. You don’t have to chop many of the ingredients since the chute can accommodate them. Whole carrots, apples, and tomatoes, even peeled citrus fruits can be feed into it.
  • Unique feed system. You can get the maximum amount of juice from the ingredients, thanks to the direct central feed system.

Other benefits are durable cutting blades; mesh filter basket for filtering pulp; and die-cast materials for a sturdy body.  The accessories include 1-liter juice jug with froth separator; large pulp container; and cleaning brush. The unit is also BPA-free, has a safety locking arm, and has overload protection.

Click here to buy Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor
#5: Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press

This may be among the more affordable commercial juicers but the Jupiter juicer has plenty of benefits. You can consider it as a worthwhile investment, too.


  • Durable construction with its stainless steel and cast iron materials
  • Ergonomic rubberized handle for safe and effective operation
  • Dishwasher-safe non-motor parts so clean-up is easy
  • Stable base
  • Easy to assemble
  • Efficient juice extraction with high juice yield and dry pulp
  • Compact footprint


  • Bitter taste when thick-skinned fruits are pressed too hard

Who Will Benefit from It and Why?

The Jupiter commercial juice press is among the best manual citrus juicers today. If you’re into a citrus juicing business or lifestyle, then this is the one for your needs.

  • Verdict

This isn’t an all-around commercial juicer but it does well what it’s designed for. You can buy it as a specialty juicer for citrus fruits and the like. Click this button to buy it on Amazon.

Those are our selection of the 5 top commercial juicers available today. These best commercial juicers give great value for the money. You can use them for both heavy-duty residential and commercial uses, as well as for juicing a wide range of fresh produce.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Commercial Juicers

For these reasons, commercial juicers are generally more expensive than residential-use juicers. The higher monetary investment demands more careful considerations of the following factors.

  • Budget range

The price of a commercial juicer is partly determined by the quality and quantity of its features. With commercial juicers, the best decision usually means a balance between world-class quality and reasonably-priced units.

A $600 commercial juicer, for example, may be more affordable but it may not withstand heavy use during a juicing business’ peak hours. A $2,500 unit, in contrast, means a high monetary investment but its long-term, heavy-duty use results in high returns on investment, too. You will likely replace the $600 juicer a few items before the $2,500 unit breaks down, too.

Your first step then is to decide on your budget. You must do your research so that a good balance between price and quality is possible.

  • Type of ingredients

Many of the top commercial juicers can only handle a single type of fruit. This is true for automatic citrus juicers that can only extract juice from whole unpeeled oranges, lemons, and limes. You can purchase several types of specialty juicers, if your budget allows it or your business plan demands it.

But this isn’t such a financially-savvy move. The better alternative are all-around commercial juicers that can handle a wide range of soft and hard fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and nuts, among other ingredients. You can assign each commercial juicer to handle specific types of ingredients to prevent cross-contamination.

  • Space and size

Commercial juicers are categorized into worktop and floor standing models. You have to decide which type suits your commercial space – a floor standing model usually has a larger footprint than a worktop unit, for example.  You may also combine the two types to maximize the limited space.

  • Overall quality

The overall quality of the commercial juicer is the most important aspect of making the right choice in it. As a businessman, you want a durable juicer with plenty of useful features including ease of setup, operation, and maintenance. Here are things that must be considered in this regard:

  • Ease of assembly and operation.

Commercial juicers have more advanced features than residential-use juicers, thus, basic training will likely be needed for the staff. But if the juicers too complicated during operation, then you may have second thoughts about it, especially since it may require complex maintenance.

  • Fast juicing and efficient yield.

Current commercial juicers usually deliver on one but fail on the other, so a balance between fast juicing and efficient yield can be tricky. A centrifugal juicer quickly juices fresh produce but it yields lower juice amounts. A cold-press juicer yields higher juice but the slow speed means longer juicing time.

Between the two types, a cold-press juicer is the better choice in terms of efficiency in the juice extraction process. But you may also want a centrifugal juicer because of its shorter juicing time.

Be sure to check the quality of the juice. Your choice may be a cold-press juicer because it allows for better control over the pulp quality, as well as automatically eject the pulp.

Other factors to consider are the overall durability of the unit and its parts; the terms and conditions of the warranty; and the noise level.

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