5 Best Cold Press Juicers 2019 – [For Fruits, Vegs, Nuts and Wheat grass]

best cold press juicers

Cold press juicers, also known as masticating juicers, is used in the extraction of juices from fruits, vegetables, and even wheat grass. The food ingredients are crushed before being pressed, thus, resulting in the highest juice yield. The nutrients in the juice are more likely to stay intact because heat isn’t introduced in the process. If you are looking for the best cold press juicer or wheatgrass juicer, continue reading.

On this page, I will share with you the 5 best cold press juicers with reasons (pros) why they made it to the top list. In addition, I will also tell you some of the cons (if any) of each of the five juicers so that you know beforehand what to expect before you spend your money.

Of course, you can buy cold-pressed juice from health food stores, supermarkets and specialty shops. But you will be shocked at the expensive prices for a single bottle of cold-pressed juice! You’re better off buying one of the following cold press juicers, especially when you’re a juicing fan.

PROS and Cons of cold press juicers

A cold press juicer (masticating juicer) has several advantages over centrifugal juicers and single auger juicers.

  • Higher nutrient retention

The cold-pressed process doesn’t produce heat, thus, the fruits, vegetables and nuts retain more of their nutrients. The food ingredients aren’t also shredded by blades so there’s less air exposure during the process. The higher the air exposure, the faster the oxidation, the lesser the nutrients.

  • Higher juice yield

A masticating juicer can produce more juice, ounce for ounce, in comparison with other types of juicers. The monetary savings that can be enjoyed from it more than makes up for its higher price, too.

Also, the juice has more pulp and, thus, more dietary fiber. Many juices can even have a small amount of protein.

  • More food ingredients possible

Unlike centrifugal juicers, a cold press juicer can also be used for juice extraction from leafy greens and nuts. Many juicing fans even use it for making their favorite cashew and almond milks.

  • Quieter operation

A masticating juicer has such a quiet operation there’s no need to worry about waking up your housemates. Many users say that it’s so quiet you can hear the television while it’s in operation.

But there are also disadvantages to these juicers including:

  • Higher price than other types of juicers
  • Thicker consistency of the juice (i.e., more pulp)

The five best cold press juicers rated below are suitable for a wide range of people. You can benefit from these juicers when you’re into cleansing juices, fresh fruit juices, and nut-based milks. You will love that these extract more juice and nutrients, too, from fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Factors to Consider When Buying cold press juicers

Be careful about your choice in a cold press juicer because it may not meet your needs and wants. Be sure to consider these factors when choosing from among several juicers.

  • Budget

Masticating juicer are among the most expensive juicers mainly because of their features and associated benefits. You have to strike a balance between excellent quality and reasonable price. You can find cheaper cold press juicers but you have to live with their downsides.

  • Ingredients for juicing

Not every masticating juicer is suitable for every type of juicing needs and wants. You must determine the types of fruits and vegetables that will be placed into the juicer. For example, a juicer may work well for hard produce but not for soft fruits.

  • Frequency of use

Many cold press juicers aren’t designed for gallons worth of juicing, especially the residential use ones. Many juicers can also handle commercial juicing quantities, thanks to their larger chutes and safety protection against overheating. You must determine which of these two types of masticating juicer will address your needs in terms of frequency of use.

  • Desired features

Every masticating juicer has its features that may or may not meet your needs in it. You are well-advised to keep these useful features in mind since these will affect ease of use, cleaning, and storage.

  • Easy pulp ejection. You will find masticating juicer with and without pulp collecting containers. Your best bet is one with a pulp collecting container preferably an external one for ease of emptying into a trash bin.
  • Several alternatives in speed and strainers. You have to determine how you like your juices. Slow speed works well for soft produce while high speed works better for hard fruits. Coarse strainers are great for more pulp in the juice while smooth strainers mean little to no pulp.
  • Wide chute. The wider the chute, the faster the juicing process can be. You will also benefit from the lower chances of clogging and oxidation. Keep in mind that the higher the level of oxidation, the faster the juice will spoil.
  • Size of the juicer. The juicer should fit into your counter space, whether it’s in the cabinet or on the kitchen sink and island.
  • Ease of cleaning. The best masticating juicer is easy to clean mainly because its parts are dishwasher-friendly. You have to clean the juicer after every use since it must be kept dried in between uses.

Check that the cold press juicer has a quiet operation, a set of easy-to-use features, and warranty.  Your careful consideration about these factors will contribute to your smarter choice.

separator5 Best Cold Press Juicers

Here are five of the best cold press juicers that we chose based on the above mentioned factors.

#1: Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Jumbo Twin Gear Cold Press Juice Extractor

Green Star cold press juicers are touted to be among the most efficient in their niche. Such efficiency comes from their low-speed 110 rpm, twin gear technology, and easy-to-use and clean design. This is true for the Elite GSE-5000, too.


  • Complete machine in the package. The juicer comes with several durable and practical accessories include four screens, wooden and plastic plungers, glass juice pitcher, and cleaning brush. The four screens are: the coarse screen for juices with more pulp; the fine screen for extracting juice with little to no pulp; the breadstick maker set for making rice cakes and breadsticks; and the homogenizing blank for food processing purposes.

You don’t have to purchase separate accessories. Everything you will need in juicing fresh produce is in the box – except, of course, for the fresh produce.

  • Efficient cutting and juicing system. The masticating juicer has stainless steel twin gears designed to replicate the actions of your mastication system. The twin gears can handle both hard and soft produce without overheating even after a kilo or two. The cutting gears also make it possible to extract maximum amount of juice from produce without clogging.

The bottom line: You will love the higher amount of juice extracted from the same amount of produce. You don’t have to worry about the produce clogging the juicer, thanks to its cutting gears and pressure adjustment mechanism.


  • High price. This can deter many interested individuals from buying the Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Jumbo Twin Gear Cold Press Juice Extractor . See Price on Amazon

Who Will Benefit from It and Why?

The Tribest Elite GSE-5000 is a great product for people who are:

  • Looking for cold press juicer with more versatility than its competitors
  • Adopting a juicing diet with soft and hard fruits and vegetables on the menu
  • Planning to ditch their other kitchen appliances for an all-in-one appliance (i.e., the juicer can also be used for basic food processing tasks and for making rice cakes and raw breadsticks)
  • Getting their children to consume more fruits and vegetables without pressuring them to eat the solid kinds
  • Starting on a detox program with fruit and vegetable juices at its heart 


The Tribest Elite GSE-5000 is an excellent choice in a cold press juicer, mainly because of its versatile uses, study build, and easy-to-clean parts. But the price can be a deal-breaker for many people. If you can afford it, I highly recommend that you make it your #1 buying choice. Click the button below to buy it securely on Amazon.

#2 : Omega Juicers J8007S 5th Generation Nutrition Center HD Juicer

This is an outstanding masticating juicer from its sturdy build to its useful features.  While it has a higher price than many juicers, its numerous benefits more than make up for it.


  • Fast and easy cleanup. You can clean it in 3 to 4 minutes, even by hand. You may also place many of its parts in the dishwasher for faster work.
  • Sturdy materials and build. You can use it for personal use for several years with proper care and maintenance. You will immediately see that even its plastic parts are of the best quality so far.
  • High juice extraction. You can easily juice soft and hard fruits and vegetables, as well as leafy greens. You will get more juice from the produce, too, which means more nutrients for your body.
  • The high juice extraction capacity can be attributed to its slow speed at 80 revolutions per minute (i.e., rotation speed) and continuous juicing mechanism. The juicer also features a gear reduction system, which produces maximum torque, for higher juice production.
  • Easy to operate. You can easily see the functions of the buttons and chute on the juicer. You may want to read the instructions manual, nonetheless, to better understand the features.
  • Accessories included. You will love the juicing versatility it offers, thanks to the juicing screen and six nozzles included in the package.
  • Smaller footprint. You can place it on the kitchen sink in your small apartment without worrying about it taking too much space.
  • Full 15-year warranty. You know that a product is an excellent one partly because the manufacturer stands behind it, as evidenced by the long-term warranty.


  • Smaller food tube. You may have to cut the produce for them to fit down the food tube for extraction.
  • Slower speed. You may be impatient about its slow speed but this is a slow cold press juicer so no surprise there.

Who Will Benefit from It and Why?

The Omega Juicer J8007S is suitable for a wide range of people including those who want to:

  • Lose weight through a juice-based diet
  • Detoxify by adding more fruit and vegetable juices to their diet
  • Enjoy a healthier mind and body by introducing more fruits and vegetables
  • Give children more fruits and vegetables without pressuring them to eat the solid counterparts


Indeed, the Omega cold press juicer provides its users with numerous benefits despite its smaller food tube and slower speed. Even its expensive price tag becomes secondary to its overall usefulness. I highly recommend it. Click this button below to Securely buy it on Amazon.

#3: Hurom Elite Slow Juicer Model HH-SBB11

This is one of the newest juicers under the Hurom brand and, as such, has several advanced features. In fact, it’s touted as the most advanced masticating juicer because it uses the sophisticated twin-winged auger technology.


  • Greater amount of juice extracted. You can extract more juice from fresh produce, thanks to its Slow Squeezing Technology – as much as 35% more juice, according to many users. The technology slowly yet efficiently squeezes the fruits and vegetables, while also preserving their natural taste.
  • Higher nutrient content. You will also love it that your juice contains higher nutrient levels. This is because cold-pressed juice is extracted without the introduction of heat into the process. Your body will still benefit from Vitamins A and C as well as live enzymes, which are sensitive to heat.
  • Wide range of produce for juicing. You can easily juice hard and soft fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, soy, and wheatgrass. You can even make several food products from it including juices, sauces, marinades, milks (e.g., soy milk, almond milk), tofu, and baby food.
  • Easy to clean. You will find that its self-cleaning system results in less work after every use. You can use the two cleaning brushes as well as turn on the self-cleaning system, whichever works best for your schedule. Even the black plastic and silicone internal components contribute to faster cleaning, thanks to their non-stain surfaces.
  • Safe and near-silent operation. Your small children cannot operate it accidentally. This is because the cold press juicer has an advanced safety lock system – all the pieces must be locked properly before the machine can fully function. You will also appreciate its near-silent operation and energy-efficient motor (i.e., 150 watts).
  • 10-year warranty on the motor and 2-year warranty on the parts.


The Hurom Elite’s recipe book isn’t as comprehensive as its competitors. But since it isn’t part of the juicer, this is a minor issue.

Who Will Benefit from It and Why?

This is a great product for people who want a masticating juicer that:

  • Extracts more juice from fresh produce and retains more nutrients
  • Handles well a wide range of food ingredients from fruits and vegetables to nuts
  • Gives a safe and silent operation
  • Has a good warranty on its motor and parts


The Hurom Elite Slow Juicer Model HH-SBB11 has excellent features that make it a must-have in the kitchen of a juicing enthusiast. The slow juicing technology, self-cleaning features, and silent operation are the best things about it – and the reasons you should seriously consider buying it. Click this button below to buy it securely on Amazon.

#4: Champion Commercial Juicer

This is a commercial juicer that can withstand frequent use with galloons of juice extracted in a single day. The Champion masticating juicer will go through kilos of fruits, vegetables and nuts, among others, without overheating.


  • Powerful motor. Your commercial juicing operations will be faster and easier, thanks to the 1/3 horsepower heavy-duty motor and stainless steel motor shaft. You can rely on them to deliver continuous juicing, as well as on its automatic pulp ejection. You don’t have to worry about the motor overheating, thanks to the high starting torque.
  • Versatile uses. You can make several food products on it, too, aside from fruit and vegetable juices. You may use the juicer as a homogenizer, for example, in making vegetable loaves, nut butters, fruit sauces, baby foods, frozen sorbets, and sherbets.
  • Large feed tube. You can feed small soft and hard fruits and vegetables into the 1.75-inch feed tube without cutting them. You will then be able to save time and effort on the juicing task.
  • Quality parts. You can expect years of use from it since all of its parts are made of 100% FDA nylon.
  • Good warranty. The juicer comes with a 10-year limited warranty, 5-year limited warranty on its juicing parts, and 3-year warranty on its motor.
  • Accessories included. Aside from the body itself, the juicer comes with a cutter, screen holder, screen, blank, tamper, funnel, bowl and sieve, as well as a recipe book.


  • The Champion Commercial Juicer has a larger footprint. You may not like it in your cramped kitchen when one of the other masticating juicers mentioned here will suffice.

Who Will Benefit from It and Why?

This cold press juicer is suitable for people who want to:

  • Open up their cold press juicing businesses
  • Step up on their juicing lifestyle
  • Encourage their families and friends to join the juicing lifestyle
  • Look for a heavy-duty masticating juicer.


The Champion Commercial Juicer should occupy a place of honor in a commercial juicing business or in the home of a juicing enthusiast. The combination of powerful motor, smooth and silent operation, and large-scale juicing capability make it a wise investment. Check Priceon Amazon.

#5: Omega Vertical Juicing System VSJ843RS

The Omega line of cold press juicers is well-known for their high quality including its durable build, practical features, and gentle squeezing action. Its comparatively reasonable price adds to its desirability among juicing enthusiasts, too.


  • Higher juice extraction capacity. You can thank the dual-edge auger strains with a tighter fit tolerance for it. You will love the refreshingly delicious taste from the juiced fruits and vegetables, as well as the smoother yet denser juice texture.
  • The gentle squeezing action also ensures that the nutrients in the fresh produce are intact after juicing. Your body will benefit from the intact vitamins, minerals and enzymes because of the reduced heat buildup. Your juices will also last longer because of the delays in the oxidation process.
  • Wide variety of fresh produce possible for juicing. You can squeeze juice from virtually all types of soft and hard fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and wheatgrass. You can juice these fresh produce on a continuous basis because of the automatic pulp ejection.
  • Easy cleanup. Your cleaning work will be reduced because of the auto-cleaning system.
  • Other advantages include vertical design for a smaller footprint and durable parts.

Who Will Benefit from this cold press juicers and Why?

The Omega Vertical Juicing System VSJ843RS is a great masticating juicer for:

  • Juicing enthusiasts who want a durable, practical and versatile juicer for their healthy lifestyle
  • People who want to enjoy the benefits of a juicing lifestyle for the first time
  • Weight-conscious individuals who want to lose or maintain their ideal weight via a juicing program.


If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced masticating juicer with practical features, then the Omega Vertical Juicing System VSJ843RS should be on top of your list. You can even get the best value for your money, especially when you frequently use it.

See Price on Amazon

Before jumping into the juicing lifestyle, you must keep these tips in mind for best results.

  • Seek your doctor’s advice. You may have an underlying medical condition that precludes a juicing lifestyle. But if you’re a relatively healthy individual, you can safely adopt it in your daily life.
  • Eat balanced meals with solid food. Your body will still require solid food intake on a regular basis. Juicing is a great way to introduce fruits and vegetables into your diet but it isn’t the be-all and end-all of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Choose a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and nuts for juicing. Keep in mind that too much of anything can be bad for your health – and it applies to excessive consumption of a single type of fruit or vegetable. For example, too much carrots in your diet can result in health issues. See these juicer recipe books for the best juicer recipes .
  • Use the pulp from the extraction process for cooking or add more pulp into your juice. Your body needs dietary fiber but juicing removes it from the fruits and vegetables. You can add the pulp to batter, soup and pasta, for example.

Now your next step is to choose one from any of the best cold press juicers above for your needs and wants in it! You have to carefully consider each of these five cold press juicers and make your choice. Click here to also see the best 5 juicers overall 

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